Article Factory Manager is a very useful tool for any article driven sites. As the title inspires its an article manager with various features, like management of the articles, edit, delete, publish, etc. It also providing a new Approval System, much more simplified then the one present in the Joomla core. Read more...

 article Factory Manager

eBook Factory is the only component who can build full eBooks out of the content of your site!

eBook Factory renders a PDF out of the content items of your site in matter of minutes and stores it on your server in order to have it ready for download or newsletter mailings!

Since Joomla’s own PDF engine is merely a basic text to PDF convertor, we put our best work into developing a component. This component not only respects the standard layout of an eBook, but also includes Graphics, Fonts, and External Links that you used in your content.

All of your work is done in the administration panel of Joomla. There, you can create a set of eBooks containing Chapters and sub-chapters from your content items. You can use the Sections and/or Categories: as Chapter titles, as well as Sub-chapters. Read more ...

 eBook Factory

Briefcase Factory is the Joomla equivalent for the Yahoo's Briefcase service - A new approach to document and file sharing.

The user interface is intuitive and uses AJAX for several operations, therefore no page reloads to slow down your work. You can ADD more than one file at a time; number can be set in admin backend. The uploaded Files can be SHARED with one user, more than one user, all users, or with the public (registered and unregistered users). Read more...

Briefcase Factory

Classified Web Ads System for Joomla. 

Ads Factory has extensive user support offering HTML description for the ads and a user extended profile. The content display is fully configurable through a template, since the component uses a template engine. This make the adjustment to the site template very easy offering full freedom - Tutorial. To this, two listing methods are offered: list and grid view mode including a expiry countdown. Read more...

Ads Factory 1.8.1 released on February 10, 2011.    

  • Fixed several issues including filter tags warning, category SEF table php 4.4.9, SEF on category, package purchase page have no image, tooltip with thumbnails in admin and thumbnail location, category tree modules (display closed or banned auctions number), etc.

Ads Factory 1.8.0 released on January 24, 2011.   

  • New feature: new category module with unlimited levels.
  • Several code improvements and optimizations like: List Ads pagination, AJAX category selectbox with setting AJAX category load (usual category load), automatic positions filters fields assignment on item category, upgrade to featured Ad Bar (when counting featured items), enable root category posting, editor buttons setting (On/Off), etc.
  • Custom Fields optimizations: AJAX render and display toggled fields, new parameter "Select lists" to have "Select field" empty option, search AJAX instead of plain JavaScript for custom fields toggle.
  • Fixed several issues including CB Integration (core fields not to populate available select box fields), ACL missing task (unregistered posting enabled, issue on toggling custom fields on category change at posting), Save Mail (redirect before saving mail), Language loaded after some authorize warnings, Template (demo theme category page breaks when 3 categories), missing language (definitions for Search, Fill your user details first!), component TIME Offseting, etc.

Ads Factory 1.7.5 released on January 11, 2011.  

  • Optimization on search page; if more then 1000 users the select box is replaced with a input box to prevent loading and displaying a lot of users.
  • Fixed several issues including JS fields not compulsory but js toggleFields constructs class as class="required", numeric JS validation, new supposed to be exist already index on ads users userid column, mail on mess sending when guest posting enabled, custom fields filtering, CB or Love Factory selected profile compulsory and required no matter what, etc.

Ads Factory 1.7.4 released on December 21, 2010. 

  • Optimizations for MySQL on custom fields limit of joins.
  • Fixed issues regarding Itemids, JS in Grizzle template (custom fields), loading custom fields on details page (not loading details page without SEF), short description counter id "left" replaced with "descr_counter" to avoid id conflict, mail settings Save form mail now saves enable flags on all listed emails, verify paypal email case insensitive, etc.

Ads Factory 1.7.3 released on December 17, 2010.

  • New feature: Search keyword in category name.
  • Optimization: mail sent to first superadmin if "Mail From" not defined or not found on site configuration.
  • Fixed issues regarding controller layout, Price Listing redirection (double ads, validation), Pricing Templates Itemid's adjustments, no custom fields on export XLS.

Ads Factory 1.7.2 released on November 30, 2010.

  • New feature: Edit Ad on backend (upload/remove images, attachment).
  • New feature: Edit Ad Type on backend (public/private).
  • Fixed several issues including Price Listing valabilities, CRON not closing ads when compulsory fields created, current user not loaded on new ad page, send watchlist mail from admin publishing, category name in sendMails, etc.

Ads Factory 1.7.1 released on November 10, 2010. 

  • New feature: "Messages List Private" (admin option; set on No will display to all users, set to Yes will display only to regsitered users and only there messages).
  • Fixed several issues including Cron, JS error on new ad, Category module counting archived items, etc.


Photo Battle Factory provides an easy voting system, requiring only a single click action for a speedy process. The component can be used to rate different images like landscapes, art, etc. or if the genre mode is enabled, more particular for male and female images. The upload is very easy, allowing also multiple upload. For each picture a sharelink and the number of hits will be visible and if admin enabled the description, comments and tags. To allow the administrator content control on the site, each picture and comment can be reported.
Photo Battle Factory