RSS Factory PRO is a professional RSS Aggregator and RSS Reader for your Joomla Website. It brings different view styles that will enhance your website look and feel, category browsing to create that SEO edge you might need, different story display (no need to get your visitors off from your website), IMPORT to CONTENT, including the new and complex feature of FULL Story import from the Source website and many more...  

rss Factory PRO 1.7.2 released on November 3, 2010.    

  • New feature: strip html tags for I2C (simple).
  • New feature: word filters per each source for I2C.
  • Fixed issues regarding wrong name for ROOT category (inserted at install), warning when parsing article for I2C full article.

rss Factory PRO 1.7.1 released on October 12, 2010.   

  • Fixed several issues including category tree model, category tree module, category path, generate/restore backup, counting stories under "manage sources", I2C full article add pagebreak, I2C full article ordering rules, I2C full article where multiple rules were all applied to the same original text, instead of deleting the already processed parts (after applying each rule), html entities in imported articles (titles).

eBook Factory is the only component who can build full eBooks out of the content of your site!

eBook Factory renders a PDF out of the content items of your site in matter of minutes and stores it on your server in order to have it ready for download or newsletter mailings!

Since Joomla’s own PDF engine is merely a basic text to PDF convertor, we put our best work into developing a component. This component not only respects the standard layout of an eBook, but also includes Graphics, Fonts, and External Links that you used in your content.

All of your work is done in the administration panel of Joomla. There, you can create a set of eBooks containing Chapters and sub-chapters from your content items. You can use the Sections and/or Categories: as Chapter titles, as well as Sub-chapters. Read more ...

eBook Factory 1.6.4 released on November 2, 2010.

  • New feature: resize images on their "height" and "width" attributes (enable/disable).
  • Fixed issue regarding unpublished products from Virtuemart being rendered.

eBook Factory 1.6.3 released on May 18, 2010.

  • New feature: render each VM item on a new column (only for multi-column ebooks).
  • Fixed issue regarding ebook properties: section, category and item usage displayed incorrectly, notice old_src not defined when rendering ebook, displaying article author, processing bold and italic for VM plugin, listing bullets.

MediaMall provides is a powerfull solution to manage media files online distribution with a built in Credit System. Using this component the site can easily sell media files (ex. Video Tutorials) online.

Using the MediaMall solution users can post their media files on your site. For each media file a number of Credits can be perceived in order to vizualise the file. The poster will earn credits, which can be later converted into a payment by the webmaster. Read more...

media Mall Factory 1.2.0 released on October 28, 2010.  

  • New feature: Payment Gateway Plugins
  • Implemented Payment gateways: Paypal, Moneybookers, Sagepay, Authorize.


jAnswers Factory  provides the perfect Question and Answers Solution for the Joomla CMS integrating features from the well know Jahoo Answers system.

Users can ask questions, Community provides answers. Once a question placed, this can be extended (as period) if not answered. A Ranking system for answers is also available. Users can Report offensive text, mark Favourite Questions or use the extended search through the Knowledgebase. Read more...

jAnswers Factory 1.3.0 released on October 28, 2010.  

  • New feature: Upload files as attachments for questions and/or answers.
  • New feature: Tags management in administration area.
  • New feature: Extending questions expiry date.
  • New feature: change Time format.
  • New feature: Topic Contributors module.
  • Optimizations: several database query improvements.
  • Fixed issues regarding category module links, jquery-mootools conflict in category module, etc.


The latest Social Community Joomla Extension - Love Factory 1.6.7 allows users to interact in the same way they are used on larger dating or social networking sites, allowing also to use the full power of Joomla features. This Native Joomla 1.5.x MVC code does not require legacy plugin, and through 100% open source allows you to perform special tweaks for a better integration according to your needs.

Using a templating system (in this case we have a simple and an advanced system) your web site will keep a coherent look and a nice web 2.0 feeling. Read more..

Love Factory 1.6.7 released on October 28, 2010.

  • New feature: My gallery (photo & video) action links can now be shown: always or on mouse over (admin settings).
  • Fixed several issues including fancybox navigation buttons not displaying in IE8, registration email validation, link creation for gallery view (id -> user_id) .

Love Factory 1.6.6 released on October 20, 2010.   

  • New feature: hide ignored profiles from searches (enable/disable for admin).
  • Fixed issues regarding photo gallery link on profile page, backend main photo field saving field specific parameters when get_magic_quotes_gp, using text before %%username%%.