Prices are in EURO € and include all local taxes. Payments can be made in any currencies supported by the used payment gateway processor. Other displayed currencies on our pages are informative and may differ on daily basis, due to the exchange rates of the payment gateways. Listed prices are subject to change without further notice. Orders not followed immediately by any payment will be erased from the system and are not the subject of any commercial commitment.

To place an order you have to login to our site. If not a member already, registration is required. If already a member you can verify your billing information under your user profile or just when placing the order. Here how it works depending on the desired payment method:

  • wPayPal acceptance markhen paying with Paypal. PayPal The download link is generated after a manual payment checkup. Please note that we are trying to process it as soon as possible, but also consider our time zone (GMT +2) and working days. We may require, at our option, that in some cases, asking for an additional confirmation before validating the payment. From certain countries, due to fraud attempts, we reserve ourselves the right to decline the PayPal payment and refund it, asking for a credit card purchase.
  • when paying by credit card. payU is the leading gateway technology company and certified credit card processor in the emerging European Markets. The customer will automatically receive the download link after the transaction has been validated (if there are no problems, this process should take only a couple of minutes). In some cases, the payment gateway processor may require also additional verification and information before approving any payment, so if the case, please comply in order to validate the transaction.

  • when paying by bank wire. The download link will be generated only after receiving the confirmation from the bank that the money entered the account! If you are in a hurry to obtain a certain product, then please use the credit card payment method or Paypal, since bank-wire transactions may take a couple of days. Please note also, that regarding bank-wire payments, all transaction fees will have to be covered by the client. We reserve the right not to deliver and refund, if only partial payments are being made.

After the payment is completed and validated, the customer will have access to download via email-Token, or by simply accessing "My Orders & Downloads". Due to security reasons the download access will expire after five days. If after that you need a new copy or an update, please use the "Update request" to enable again the download. To avoid any issues DO NOT use any download manager software or browser plugins! Attention also, some anti-viruses programs might interfere when making payments with credit cards, so if any issues on the payment pages, just disable them during the payment process.

1On the product page, press the "Buy it Now!" button.
on product page

2On the "Checkout" page, fill in your billing information (A).
After selecting the desired payment processor (B): PayPal or PayU, click on "Select Payment Method to Continue.." (C)

If you need to update the quantity from the Shopping List, then just click on the user menu at the Cart option to access the Shopping Cart page. Here you can update the quantity for each desired product by pressing the the green rotating  arrows or remove completely an item from the cart by pressing the red x sign.on checkout

3Press "Confirm" and you will be automatically redirected to the selected payment gateway.confirm order

4After you are redirected from our shop to the payment gateway, please proceed with the actual payment. PayPal buyer protection

The payment steps will be different depending on the chosen payment gateway and might change also from time to time, but they are quite self explainable once you land on their pages.

If any issues here, don't hesitate to contact us. If somehow the payment process is interrupted, you can place anytime a new order followed then by a valid payment. Orders not followed immediately by any payment will be erased from the system and are not the subject of any commercial commitment.

Note also that orders not followed immediately by any payment will be erased from the system at a later point and are not the subject of any commercial commitment, so if the payment process was interrupted, then just place anytime a new order, followed by a valid payment.

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Make sure you are maintaining your user profile up-to-date, especially the email address, so you will be able to receive our notifications regarding support and updates! Profile information is accessible when logged in, by clicking on my profile, available at the user menu on top of the page or the logout menu. After you perform the needed changes, press the "Save Profile" button to update your profile information.

For further information regarding our proceedings, please check also our Customer FAQ's and Terms & Conditions.

Thank you for your purchase and trust in our services!

If any questions left, don't hesitate to Contact Us.