As we are entering mid January of 2017 with feelings of optimism and tingly fingers, we didn't think too much of the social convention represented by the infamous New Year's Resolutions. Many of those involve tackling a bad habit or an issue without proper motivation, ultimately resulting in hiatus. Other than that, it's just not... how we operate, because we would much rather concentrate our collective energies on perfecting the business strategies that already have a proven track record of success.

We have to admit that 2016 has been a thrilling roller-coaster ride, packed with surprises and unexpected turn of events, which is why this year we are determined to make the most out of it and reshape our #goals:

1. Continuous experience with web developers

Ever since the early Mambo days, we noticed an ongoing trend in this industry - site owners generally tend to not be very technical in regards to the utilized software, so they reach out to freelancer developers who'd be happy to set up their online businesses, in exchange for suitable remuneration. The reason why we absolutely love developing extensions for Joomla! is because of its incredible versatility and adaptability. By incorporating the separation of HTML/CSS from application logic with the Bootstrap framework, we have created a portfolio that caters to a wide array of business plans: auction websites, dating platforms with membership advantages, company recruiting boards, etc. The freelancer that chooses one of our solutions ultimately chooses the path with less headaches and more time to take on new projects, while the site owner will be able to effectively manage their online business through an intuitive admin interface. We'd say it's a triple win, right?

2. Product maintenance and customer appreciation

Each time we plan a major release version for one of our popular extensions, we first take some time to figure out what our customers further expect from us; based on the feedback that we receive through our in-house ticketing system, we adapt our customer's requests in the form of tweaks and new features. This is our way of paying our respects to the people around the world that find our work useful and relevant. For the upcoming season, we are also considering 'revamping' a few of our classified ads solutions, using the suggestions our customers sent.

3. Assertiveness towards the J! Community

Although 2016 was filled with changes for the Joomla! Community also, we can’t help but see the future in bright colors, because a community that can overcome hardships is a community of winners. We stand by the members that keep J! alive for developer houses, collaborators and small-to-medium business owners that simply wish to make a difference in the online world.

4. Partnership celebrations across social media

We are confident that our J! partners share some of our viewpoints about our favorite CMS, one of them being that there is only so much we can achieve on our own! The secret to a healthy communication relationship between houses is to share relevant content, news, updates from GitHub, etc., as well as keeping an open mind towards potential collaborations.

5. Doing the right thing for the right reasons

In the end, everybody has a different way of finding motivation for being a better worker, better partner, better human. Some of us go the extra mile for money, recognition or to tame the voice in the back in their head constantly repeating “Live outside yourself, you know you can!”.
thePHPFactory team is driven by innovation, a nerdy necessity to write perfect code and, at times, absurd amounts of coffee. We are ready to take on 2017 and fulfill our #goals. Are you?