Micro Deal Factory

Version 2.4.1

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Micro Deal Factory is a microworker extension for Joomla! that allows users to sell their services or products through the website.

Sellers come to the site, create an account which links them to a payment gateway, start listing items and go on to sell them. Site owners can earn commissions based on their sales and revenues.

Multiple features facilitate communication between the seller and buyer to make sure they end up satisfied, leading to more sales and more profits for the website.

Micro Deal Factory Layout & Themes

Layout & Themes

  • Fully customizable CSS
  • Default responsive template
Micro Deal Factory Monetize


  • Commissions (keeps a defined percent of the withdrawals requested by users)
Micro Deal Factory Key Features

Key Features

  • Unique or individually priced deals
  • Sidebar displaying categories and a search field
  • Full escrow payment system (buyers are making payment directly to the site and the sellers can request the payout at any time for their whole balance, where a commission will be applied according to the site settings)
  • Availability options
  • Picture upload and image gallery for deals
  • Approval system
  • Private messaging for all users and also message board between sellers and buyers with specific layout to track discussions for each order
  • Commenting system integrated for each deal
  • Rating system (Thumbs Up/Down)
  • Reporting system for offending deals
  • Watchlist (add users to watchlist to receive notifications when they post new deals)
  • Admin definable currency
  • Set seller level according to the number of processed orders
  • Youtube video integration for deals
  • Delivery timeframe
  • Quantity of items field
  • Publish/Unpublish deals
  • CRON task (sends email notification for all deals that will expire)
  • Tags
Micro Deal Factory Standards


  • Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
  • SEO/SEF friendly
  • Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
  • Easy transition to RTL
  • Simple installation, configuration and updating process
Micro Deal Factory User Profile

User Profile

  • Configurable account details, including a PayPal and a Moneybookers address for funds extraction
  • Request to withdraw earnings
  • Display order lists for sold or bought deals
Micro Deal Factory Categories


  • Unlimited number of categories
  • Simple ordering system of the categories using up/down arrows
  • Frontend Category sidebar for easy navigation through deals
Micro Deal Factory Main Settings

Main Settings

  • Date format
  • Unique price set by admin for all deals or Individual prices set by the sellers
  • Set the withdraw commission and the minimum withdraw sum
  • Set the currency type and its symbol
  • Configure pagination for deals, comments and earnings
  • Enable/disable the sidebar
  • Admin approval of every listing
  • Set image width and height
  • Set the amount of processed orders needed for each seller level
Micro Deal Factory Search


  • Simple search with the use of the sidebar
  • Quick search module by categories
Micro Deal Factory Payments Gateways

Payments Gateways

  • 2 Payment Gateways supported for payments between users using an escrow system: Paypal and Moneybookers/Skrill
Micro Deal Factory Modules & Plugins

Modules & Plugins

  • Modules that display latest and random deals (multiple instances module)
  • Quick search module by categories
  • Tag cloud module
Micro Deal Factory 3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

  • Facebook and Twitter buttons available on deals listings
Micro Deal Factory Notifications


  • Multiple email notifications for all important events to users and administrators
  • Customizable email templates
Micro Deal Factory Backend Management

Backend Management

  • Actions: edit or delete existing deals, deal with reports, manage payments, etc.
  • User management
  • Dashboard containing several statistics and information
Micro Deal Factory Requirements


  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP (min. 5.3.0)
  • MySQL (min. 5.1 + )
  • CRON (a general CRON Tutorial is available in our documentation section)
  • cURL, GD2 libraries enabled


Micro Deal Factory 2.4.1 released on November 26, 2018.

  • Fixed issue regarding MySql injection vulnerability signaled under https://packetstormsecurity.com/files/149487/joomlamdf240-sql.txt.

Micro Deal Factory 2.4.0 released on March 15, 2017.

  • Implemented online update system.

Micro Deal Factory 2.3.5 released on August 29, 2016.

  • Fixed issues regarding Tags module and other notices.

Micro Deal auction Factory 1.0.0 released on October 21, 2011.

Screenshots are representing version 2.0.0 of Micro Deal auction Factory.

Take a moment to check out the product demo-server under:

We provide the demo-server for testing purposes, where visitors can access the frontend and also the backend area. The important features are usually available on the demo-server, while some particular features including the payment plugins (if the extension in case has these features) are disabled.

Keep in mind that for our Joomla! extensions supporting Smarty templates, the display is fully customizable also through our own product templates, otherwise the display remains flexible and offers the possibility to be matched with the site template through the CSS files.

Please note that the demo-server is set on an hourly reset, meaning that any changes will be at some point erased and the initial values restored.

We offer our extensions without encryption, in order to offer maximum flexibility for each webmaster, therefore we cannot offer any trial versions. Without encryption, each webmaster can modify the code in order to suit their own particular requirements (detailed information under our Terms & Conditions).

For a better product insight we recommend to check the product documentation which describes in detail, all available features and settings of the extension:

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