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I’m working with social factory 3.7.4 (last build) and it is good exept the photoupload from a smartphone (but I can live with that). I try to upload version 3.7.5 a while ago but in this version I had trouble with the photoupload on smartphone and desk- laptop so I stick with 3.7.4.
I also work with love factory and ads factory here are no problems to upload photo from (older) smartphone.

In this version 3.7.4 the only thing not available was the membership option.
Now I notice the new version 3.7.6 with this option so I uploaded this version to my site and tested it. The mebership option is perfect BUT: the photo upload is not working anymore. If I try to upload a new photo from my desktop or smartphone the icon in front of the upload button moved a second to the red option( wait a moment) and jumps back, but nothing happend. no popup to select the photos and no upload.

I will test it next week with a new blank joomla version and a blank 3.7.6 to see if I can find why this is happening.

But in the meanwhile i’ve got a question and a big but humble request:

Can you tell me which files you changed to get the membership option so I can copy these files into my older 3.7.4 version and offer my members this option on the profile page.

Thanks for the help.
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Membership option on profile page 2 years 10 months ago #2

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