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I'm considering to purchase this component for my website. Also it's rather expensive, so I would like to avoid potential investment loss in case of deal breaking issues.

According to latest forum posts it seems that this component is still full of bugs. For example one of biggest deal-breakers for us would be the one already reported:

1 Is this voting interval issue already fixed?
If one user can vote repeatably within set interval or to vote for both photos in one pair, than this isn't much of a actual battle, and it's very open to abuse, especially if we announce some kind of reward for battle winner/s

2 I've found several exploits/vulnerability reported for this component:
Is this already fixed?

3 Do you have any plans to include JomSocial support?
With this (what think essential) functionality: assigning JomSocial user points to photo voters, ability to link photo uploader with its JomSocial profile, voting action into JomSocial user's profile wall

4 Is this component compatible with Joomla 2.5?
If not when?

5. What's your overall satisfaction with this component?
In terms of easiness to modify it for your needs, user support speed, possible compatibility issues with some templates. I'm using Gantry powered rocket theme template.

Authors or users, you are welcome to answer my questions :)

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This is a private forum, open ONLY to licensed customers!

You can purchase a license and the correspondent forum board will be unlocked.

In case of an already existing valid license, just login with your account and you will have access to the complete board.

thePHPfactory Team
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