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I have noticed that music battle is not exactly a feature rich program. I was wondering if you intend to do a new version anytime in the future?

Some of the things that seem lacking are –
A scrum ladder for battles
The ability to turn off the “Uploaded by admin, 12 hours ago., in category Free for all” information and to make the awful item link into just a link icon.
The ability to have people use something other than their login name.
A field where we can add a link to download or to buy the song
The ability to change the amount of time someone is required to listen to a song prior to being able to vote.
A means of changing the comments area so that we can use Facebook comments in it’s place.

I tried to find the code for the “Uploaded by string bur could find it called in any page (I did find the language string for it). If you could tell me where the heck to find those things I can make some of the changes myself
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making a new release? 3 years 2 months ago #2

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