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The new versions are including the standalone modules and plugins. Like this the CB plugins are becomming available for FREE for most of the existing license holders.

    * Community Builder Plugin Pack - These are two powerful Community Builder Plugins that work hand in hand with Briefcase Factory. My Files - Shows the list of the user's own files, or if you look at another persons profile you will see his (or hers) public shared files. This makes managing of Briefcase Files in community builder much easyer. You can also upload files or download your files from this plugin. Private Files - Shows the list of private shared files (that users share for your eyes only), or if you look at other profiles you see the files you shared to them. Of course you can unshare the files or download them as needed.
    * Top Module - You can choose in Admin Backend between the two display options: Top Downloaded Files and Latest Added Public Files. All the settings are in Administration (under Module property) configurable. To have both type of modules on your site, just copy the module once (option in Administration) and you have both Top Downloads and Latest Files.
    * Statistics Module - displays various Statistical Informations: Downloads, Shared Files and many more...
    * Vodes Credits Module - displays Vodes Credits of the currently logged in user. Following settings are available: Customizable Notices, "Buy Vodes" will appear if the credit is 0, Message if no user is logged in. Please note that for this module, the Vodes Component is required!

Upgrade Policies!
- version 1.4.0 free upgrade available for all direct license holders of the 1.3.x version.
- version 1.6.0 free upgrade available for all direct license holders of the 1.5.x version.

The request a the new version, use only the specific form, available on our contact page!
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