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I've purchased the Briefcase Factory and have played with it on my test site . I like it. Nice design. I'll appreciate if you can answer to following questions.

1. File sharing is enabled only after file is added. Is there a way to have it on one page? I'm thinking to minimize clicking and have all in one place.

2. My intention is to replace company's FTP server with the web server to share files (documents and software) with our customers. As such multiple people from my company must be able to see, upload and share files with multiple customer groups. The problem I see is that one person from my company cannot see what another has shared with a customer already. I expect all this done from a front-end, I don't like to make everyone here a Super User. Please advise if there is possibility for one user (who belongs to a special group) to see what others have uploaded and shared. This item is critical. I won't be able to use Briefcase without this resolved.

3. I wonder if there is a way to allow customers to upload their files. So far I can see they can do it (share with user or with a group) but then they can see all other users and all other groups. Obviously I cannot allow that one customer can see names of other customers or individuals. Is there any solution to that?

4. Adding files always start at a root folder. Can I make it that it'll start at the current folder where I've already navigated to? It's easy to miss the folder.

5. How can I change tile of the page "Private shares" and how to change displayed columns?

6. It's too easy to disable sharing (only a single click on "shared with"). Is there a way to disable that or make it harder (like with a confirmation window)?

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Few questions about Briefcase Factory 5 years 3 weeks ago #2

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This is a private forum, open ONLY to licensed customers!

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