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1. RSS FACTORY Replacement Plugin:

it's a very nice tool if you want to have certain feeds displayed right in your articles; very simple to use as well. The only work needed is editing the article you want to have some feeds listed in it and add a line similar to
   {rssfactory_pro categoryId="1,2,3" sourceId="10,11,12,13" searchTerm="foo,bar" nrFeeds="10" displayMethod="slider" outputStyle="table" suppressImg="1" suppressEmbedded="1" tableAlwaysOpen="1" orderByDate="1" displayAds="1"}

Now some explainations:

the syntax of this line HAS TO be like {rssfactory_pro parameters list here}. The slightest mistake in this string will make the plugin not to work at all. Each parameter from that list must obey the format parameter="value" ; here are all the possible options:
-categoryId: a list of category ids, comma-separated, co you wish to display feeds from
-sourceId: if you want to be more specific than "categoryId", here you can give the some source ids (comma-separated); anyway, be careful  about these sources, they must reside in the categories you mentioned before. Also, you can use this parameter without the previous one, the result being a list of feeds from the sources you want.
-searchTerm: a list of words, comma-separated; the result will be all the feeds that contain in their title or content at least one of these words.
-nrFeeds: a number(positive integer); here you can specify how many feeds will be (at most) displayed. Default value is 10
-displayMethod: a string, with one of the values list, tiled, tabbed, slider, dragdiv; default is "list"; this parameter lets you choose the display method to be used for these feeds
-outputStyle: a string, with value "overlib" or "table"; this one sets the display style for each feed
-tableAlwaysOpen: value 0 or 1; this parameter makes sense only when the previosu one has value "table"
-suppressImg: value 0 or 1; if 1, the images from those feeds won't be displayed, making your page to load quicker.
-suppressEmbedded: value 0 or 1; if 1, the embedded objects from the feeds won't be displayed
-orderByDate: value 0 or 1; if 1, the feeds will be displayed ordered by date, descending (the last one on top)
-displayAds: value 0 or 1; if 1 and if you have any ads set up in the components admin, those ads will be mingled through the feeds

As you can see, except the "tableAlwaysOpen", all the above parameters can be used independent from each other.

2. RSS Factory Module

the proper tool for displaying rss feeds in any module position on your site. This one is even simpler to use, because of the GUI module's backend. So, let's see the available options for this module:
-Sort order for module (none, date or random): lets you choose the ordering used for the feeds displayed; "none" means the feeds are in the same order as they are in the database; "date" means they are ordering by date; "random" means their order will be randomized for each display
-Nr feeds shown in module: the maximum limit for the feeds displayed
-First X Characters for feed's title: for feeds with long titles; this will truncate the title to the given length
-First X Characters for feed's content: same as above, but applied for the feed's content; be very careful with this one, because the feed's content might contain html tags,and truncating these the wrong way may damage the page display
-Show only category: here you can specify a list of category ids, comma-separated; this way, the module will display only feeds from those categories; careful here, those categories should have some feeds inside
-Show Feed Content using: choose between "table" or "overlib"; this one sets up the display method for each feed
-Table always open (Just for Table view) - self-explainatory
-Hide Feed Icon: let's you not to display the feed's icon in front of its title
-Hide Message Date: let's you not to display the feed's date
-Hide Mesage Bullet: this bullet, by changing its form, lets the visitor know if he has already read a feed.

These last three options should not be displayed only if you are more interested in the feed's title/content and you want more space for this data.

-Finally, the "Advanced Filtering" options: this lets the same module to display different feeds, depending on what article category the visitor is viewing at the moment. So you can set for each Joomla content category, what feeds from which RSS category has to be displayed.

Hope i could help,
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