Auction Factory supports all common auction types including also Proxy Bidding. Auctions are supporting the usual Bids and BuyItNow features. Also they can be set as Private (bids are hidden to the public) or Public (bids are showed to the public). Among other options there is also the possibility to set up a auction as Automatic (winner will be automatically choosen) or Manual (the offertant will have to choose a winner).

The interface is very user friendly and you can track easily auctions and bids. In the backend panel, various administration features have been provided in order that the site admin can easily maintain control of the site and survey the auctions and bids. As payment methods PayPal and Moneebookers can be used or due to API webmasters can configure their own payment gateway. Read more...

auction Factory 1.7.0 released on May 27, 2010.

  • New feature: Filters for Custom Fields.
  • New feature: My Won Auctions filter (filter for my auctions where its possible to select closed auctions with winning bid).
  • New feature: enable/disable Fully automatic auction; when disabled - default selected value.
  • New module: Full Tree Categories.
  • New feature: email notifications for seller on posting and reposting.
  • New feature: highest bid column in exported xls file.
  • Template: highest bidder row in details page.
  • Several optimizations including user profile (refferer after save), image.class.php.
  • Fixed several issues including Joomfish on custom fields, added payment_info in t_auctiondetials.tpl, field validation message as language definition, ListAuction task filter (query), ancStore instead of store in saveBid (accept bid), edit BIN ONLY auction (showing Start Price), payment button on mywonbids, category page count, stars filling error on My ratings CB Plugin tab, CB plugins notices stripped, CB Plugin My Bids (for BIN auctions, private" instead of "BIN"), etc.

VM Factory Reports is the optimal tool for any VirtueMart based webshop. It offers statistical financial reports with Excel document export functionality, graphical display and also a must have print invoice utility.

Main extensions features are:

  • Monthly and yearly VirtueMart Reports
  • Customer-, location-, shipping methods- and payment methods- statistics
  • Graphical reports (bar and pie charts)
  • Excel document export
  • Product reports
  • Compare products and attributes
  • Print orders
  • etc.
For more information check the User Guide.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.5 provides an easy voting system, requiring only a single click action for a speedy process. The component can be used to rate different images like landscapes, art, etc. or if the genre mode is enabled, more particular for male and female images. The upload is very easy, allowing also multiple upload. For each picture a sharelink and the number of hits will be visible and if admin enabled the description, comments and tags. To allow the administrator content control on the site, each picture and comment can be reported.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.5 released on May 18, 2010.

  • New feature: added possibility for administrators to change the image category.
  • New feature: added module class suffix for all the modules.

HOT or NOT Deluxe Factory 1.0.4 released on April 20, 2010.

  • New feature: added the possibility to select the Itemid used for the modules links.
  • Fixed issue reagrding upload page when using own menu, new paragraph in comments show as "n"; some links that redirected to homepage instead to a new image.

Chat Factory is the special Joomla 1.5 extension which allows site users to chat.

The main front-end features of Chat Factory are:

  • users can enable/disable the chat system
  • no need to register: users can chat as guests (if enabled by administrator)
  • show/hide offline users from users list (only for registered users)
  • registered users can block chat messages from guests
  • user avatars: users can upload their own avatar, use Community's Builder avatar (if enabled), or use no avatar at all (only for registered users)
  • ignore list: block messages from individual users (only for registered users)
  • friends list (only for registered users)
  • possibility to share a message (only for registered users)
  • possibility to change status: available, busy, invisible (only for registered users)
  • implemented emoticons, buzz
  • minimize chat windows and preserve position when navigating through the site (only for registered users)
  • quick search (only for registered users)
  • advertisement area

On the back-end the chat extension for Joomla has the following main features:

  • emoticons management: administrators can add as many emoticons as they want
  • advertisements management
  • IM ads: on login or on specific interval
  • allowed groups: select the groups that are allowed to chat
  • Community Builder integration (enable/disable)
  • set refresh interval of user list, new messages and new friendship requests to reduce server load
  • spam protection: set the maximum number of messages users can send per minute.


  • Joomla 1.5.x


With Reverse Auction Factory, end-users can post their requests in order to obtain the best price for needed services or desired products. This means that they can choose the lowest price or what they consider would be the best deal for them. The component can be used to organize auctions in different fields of interest. Here just a couple of examples:

  • Freelancing (developers, programmers, designers.)
  • Constructions (materials, architects, interior design, pools, etc.)
  • Technicians (utilities, locksmiths, plumbers, electricians, etc.)
  • many other branches.


Reverse Auction Factory 1.4.2 released on May 6, 2010.

  • New feature: enable messages between winner and auctioneer after close.
  • New feature: disable attachment and picture.
  • Option Published hardcoded.
  • Fixed issues regarding GMT hour settings, RSS feeds, currency on commission plugin, watchlist notices in save auction not in CRON, user area of expertise not displaying safe html in profile edit.

Reverse Auction Factory 1.4.1 released on December 28, 2009.

  • New feature: RSS Listing
  • Fixed issues regarding counting inconsistency, currency on add manual payment to commission plugin, update balance on commission, etc.

Reverse Auction Factory 1.4.0 released on October 21, 2009. 

  • New feature: message sending added to settings.
  • Improved functions like display winning bid in backend, timezone optimization, etc.
  • Fixed several issues including payment (displaying payment form and payment type), modules displaying unpublished auctions, messaging issue on bid list replay, added job_deadline in tpl, mail cattitle, nda, acl, etc.

Reverse Auction Factory 1.3.9 released on May 25, 2009. 

  • New feature: Gallery Plugin, Gallery settings in backend.
  • New feature: New Gallery Mootool.
  • Improved quicker and lighter coding; rbidsVersionCheck replaced with JOOMLA_RV_VERSION.
  • Improved SEF.
  • New Template available.
  • Enable counter and display number of auctions for all categories modules.
  • Fixed several issues including Short Open tags, watch category, tags filter with spaces search when trimmed and display results (twice), search after country and city without CB, quickButton (in J!1.0) finding JOOMLA_RV_VERSION, including file Router.php, CB date format my auctions & my watchlist, installer CB plugin Google map, short open tags at modul, ACL for J!1.5.11, plugin commission with values for verified and powerseller, users statutes, CB integration for seller and bidder, etc.

Reverse Auction Factory 1.3.8 released on February 4, 2009.

  • New feature: Differentiated Commissions for Powersellers, verified users and regular users.
  • New feature: Moneybookers Payment Method.
  • New feature: Multiple Payment Gateways.
  • New feature: Notification on manual payment approval.
  • Set return page to thankyou page.
  • Fixed issues regarding ACL (no redirecting if user details were not completed), Rating System, display payment manager, automatic set featured auctions in price plugin, reversed paypal linking emails, cb_plugins renamed, search id display, tag cloud module, installing mod rbids, installing categories module under J1.5, latest auctions module, purge auctions, cancel field database, some uninstall notes.