1. Membership

Depending on the user's membership, he or she can upload a number of photos, videos, send a number of messages, have a number of friends, etc... This is what you define in the Membership section. You do not define here the availability  of the membership, just what the membership has to offer.

E.g.: Let's say you create the Membership A that has 5 photos, 5 videos, 5 friends and Membership D that has 0 photos, 0 videos, 0 friends.

2. Pricing

Depending on the time period, you can set the prices for the memberships defined on the memberships section.

E.g.: You want to provide Membership A in 3 time periods:
- 1 Month for 10$
- 3 Months for 20$
- 6 Months for 30$

3. Default membership

When signing up, users need to be assigned to a default membership. You can define in the Membership section which is it. The default membership is available for an unlimited period of time for all users!

E.g.: you set Membership D as the default one. Users won't be "allowed" to have much fun on the site with that one.

4. Trial membership

A user has the default membership, Membership D and would like to purchase Membership A. But before he'd like to give it a try, for free. This is where a Trial membership comes in. In pricing, beside the 3 prices for Membership A, you create a fourth one, that's a trial membership: e.g.: 24 hours. So now, the user can apply for the trial membership and after it expires he can decide if he wants to upgrade or not.
Trial membership is a regular membership, only it doesn't require payment to be used by the members.

You can add a Trial membership from backend -> Love Factory -> Pricing -> New -> Make sure "Trial Membership:" is set to yes.

For the Trial membership you can set the time period in hours, you can set if it's available always ("Available always:") or can be activated only in certain time interval ("Available from:" - "Available until:").

After you add a new Trial membership, it will show up on the frontend on the Memberships page.
5. Membership levels
In Love Factory there are 4 levels of memberships: level 0 (default), level 1, level 2 and level 3. Except for level 0, each level can be enabled and/or disabled. For each level you can set a number of parameters, like maximum number of photos or friends a user can have.

All new users who register with the Love Factory, are assigned to level 0. This level is the default one and it is FREE of charge. The purpose of the other 3 levels (1, 2 and 3) is to give the users a better site experience (like having more photos or more friends) by PAYING a fee.

So, if you don't want to have any membership plans or don't want users to pay, disable the levels 1, 2 and 3. This way the parameters of level 0 will affect all the users, FREE of charge.

If you want users to PAY, set the level 0 parameters to the minimum you want free users to have. Then increase those with each level.
For example: for level 0 set the number of maximum friends to 1, for level 1 set it to 2, for level 2 set it to 5 and for level 3 set it to 10. This way all users will be able to have 1 friend. But if they want more friends, they should apply for a membership plan that suits their needs.