What is a theme?
The templates can be found in the templates directory of the component. There you can find necessary folders as cache/ and default/ which are component required. In this location custom themes can be created and placed. This feature is introduced starting with version Ads Factory 1.5.5 and following themes are installed: 'green', 'grizzle', 'orange' and 'pink', so at a default installation the templates directory has the following list:

  • templates/
  • /cache/ - Smarty cache folder
  • /default/ - component default templates
  • /green/ - custom theme
  • /grizzle/ - custom theme
  • /orange/ - custom theme
  • /pink/ - custom theme

Themes are variations from the default theme. If other then default theme is chosen as active, then there will be displayed the theme from /templates/chosen_theme/.


If a certain template is not present in the custom theme folder, then the default one will be displayed.

In order to update much easier, we recommend that you note all the changes made on the themes, then apply them on each update in order to avoid any issues!

For instance a certain need for customization is just to modify the t_listadds.tpl and the t_details_add.tpl templates.
Therefore a new theme folder should look like:


  • t_listadds.tpl
  • t_details_add.tpl

How to create a new theme?

1. Create a new directory in /templates/
For instance, we want to create a theme that we choose a name for 'example'.
We create the folder 'example' in the templates/folder.


2. Create a new template.
Let's say we will need a custom t_listadds.tpl for this theme. We either create a blank template with the name above in the theme folder and start introducing smarties in it or we copy the default (or an existing t_listadds.tpl template ) and start customizing around it.
Hitting refresh on the listing page after altering the templates/example/t_listadds.tpl should make visible the changes.

Theme's Custom CSS File.
Theme CSS declarations can be included in a css file which if named "adsman.css" in the theme folder will be found and included in the page only by including {set_css} smarty tag in the template.

Positions / Templates Manager.
Positions Manager allows that templates available for automatic custom fields display (in Ads Factory 1.5.5 - t_details_add.tpl, t_listadds.tpl and t_userdetails.tpl) can be edited in a backend interface.
By editing the t_listadds.tpl template in the Positions/Templates Manager you actually will edit the selected as active theme. So this can become an instrument for editing these themes templates that you are interested of customizing.

Revised "Ads Factory" version 1.5.5.