• Dashboard-  the dashboard section shows a general statistic of your website, like the total number of users and the number of users for each Membership Plan. You also find the latest info on reports, payments and newly registered users.
             Clicking on All users, All Payments or All reports will take you to their respective section in the backend menu where you can see the full list.     

  •  User Management-  a full list of users is displayed along with some basic information:type of membership and when it ends, registration date and current status(banned or not).                                                              
          The user list can be used as a fast way to ban or unban users, you can either click on the ban/unban sign in the Banned column or check the boxes next tot the names of the users and click Ban/Unban in the upper right corner of the window. 

You can filter users by membership type or status.


  • Reported Messages and Comments- All reports regarding offensive comments, messages or pictures are shown here, they can be filtered by type or status. 

        To view a report click on view in the Report column.
         Information about the report is shown, like when it was submitted, by whom and who was reported. The reporting user's comment is displayed and the appropriate actions you can take:
        Send warning message, Delete Comment/Message/Picture and Ban user. 
    When clicking on Send warning message a text box with a template message will open.

           After dealing with the report select Resolved from the Status bar and click Save in the upper right corner of the window.

  • Payments Management- this is a list of all payments, pending or completed along with some general information about them, price, type of membership or method of payment (PayPal or Moneybookers) that are waiting for validation.

    The Love Factory features a very easy to use field management option that allows the administrator to create custom fields, define their name, type(text field, drop down, radio buttons..), group them in pages and set parameters. You can remove or add any fields in the users profile pages with anything you want, this gives you the option to further personalize your website, make it more unique and get a much better user description that what Joomla generally offers thus making The Love Factory an ideal Date and Matchmaking component. 

  • Fields- Here you can add fields and organize them in the pages, they can be grouped by row and zone, you can choose on what pages they will show and all this can be done with a very easy to use drag & drop method. 
        There are multiple options for the fields, to create a new field click on New in the upper right corner of the window.

            Love Factory features up to 9 types of Fields: Text field, Text area, Drop down 
        (single text), Drop down (multiple select), Checkboxes, Radio buttons, Birth date, Sex and                     
        Looking for. Each type of field has Specific Parameters that will be shown on the right.

  •  Text field: choose a maximum number of characters.
  •  Text area: choose a number of columns and rows.
  •  Drop down (single select): add the options, one per line, that will show in a drop down bar.
  •  Drop down (multiple select): same as single select but with a row/column display option
  •  Checkboxes: add the options, one per line, and choose how they will be displayed, row or column.
  •  Radio buttons: add the options, one per line, and choose how they will be displayed, row  or column.
  •  Birth date: choose a minimum and maximum age.
  •  Sex: write your gender options, one per line.
  •  Looking for: friend, sex, life partner,etc..., one per line.               
            After selecting the type and writing the parameters, you can write the Title of the field,  
        choose if it will be published, make it mandatory or not, and write a short description.

            As for the Pages, there are 6 of them in the Love Factory component: Advanced Search,             
        Profile Edit, Profile Search, Profile View, Quick search and Registration.


            Click on a Page to open the Field setup screen, some pages may have additional fields
        which you can't edit. For example the Advanced search page has Online members and 
        With pictures.


            You can drag & drop fields from the Available fields column to Page fields and place
        them in the desired column and zone, zones and rows can be added or deleted as you

  •  Pricing: For the upper class memberships (1-3) you can set individual payment plans where you can set the price and number of months.


            To create a new Membership Plan click on New on the upper right corner of the screen. Here you can select one of the memberships you have created, in the Settings menu, and set a price for a number of months, 0 being for unlimited.

  • About: Your version of Love Factory and the latest version, along with links to the developer are shown here.

Revised "Love Factory" version 1.2.x.