Manage Payments

To access the Payment methods Config go to Components>JAnswers Factory>Manage Payments


Payment Items

        There are 4 charging methods: per contact, Featured Gold or Silver and per Question.
        Pay per Contact or publisher details, the user can be charged in order to buy user Contact details.
        Pay per Feature Gold or Silver: the user can pay so that his Question will show up first in searches and question lists.
        Pay per Question:users will be charged to post questions on the site.

        To set the price and currency of the Payment Item click on it edit the value and click Save.

        To enable or disable the Item click on the icon in the "Enable" column, the green mark is for enabled and red X is for disabled.

Payment Configuration


        Here you can configure your favorite Payment Gateways. Methods of payment are displayed here - Moneybookers, PayPal


Clicking on them will open the edit screen, you will be required to enter you Paypal/Moneybookers e-mail. You can also enable or disable them from here.


View Payments

        The payments are shown here along with information about them.

This Tutorial is compliant with jAnswers Factory 1.0.6.