Allows to display specific feed sources or categories of feeds. Please read the notes for options and examples.

Valid options:

  • categoryId : category ids
  • sourceId : source ids
  • searchTerm: some search terms
  • nrFeeds: number of feeds displayed (default 10)
  • displayMethod: choose between list,tiled,tabbed,slider,dragdiv (default list)
  • outputStyle: choose between overlib,table (default overlib)
  • tableAlwaysOpen: only for table view; choose between 0 and 1( if the table is always open or only on click; default 0)
  • orderByDate: choose between 0 and 1; the feeds are ordered by date (newest first) (default 0)
  • displayAds: choose between 0 and 1; ads will be randomized between feeds (default 0)


{rssfactory_pro categoryId="1,2,3" sourceId="10,11,12,13" searchTerm="foo,bar" nrFeeds="10" displayMethod="slider" outputStyle="table" tableAlwaysOpen="1" orderByDate="1" displayAds="1"}


{rssfactory_pro categoryId="5" nrFeeds="15" orderByDate="0"}

Additional notes:

All parameters will be delimited by " !!! ( categoryId="7" or searchTerm="test1,test2,test3" )