The Auction Factory platform has built-in support for different access rights between sellers and buyers. Here are described the 3 options how can this be achieved.

1. Joomla User Groups (with JACL or similar)

  • create an user group Bidders
  • create an user group Auctioneers
After creating the user groups, proceed under Components/Auctions/General settings with:
  • click on the ACL Tab
  • set Enable ACL to YES
  • pick the Bidder Group and the Seller Group
  • press SAVE
Then all users that are in the BIDDER GROUP may only bid.
All users that are in the SELLER group may only post auctions.
All users that are in BOTH the seller and the BIDDER group (JACL can do that) can post and bid.
2. Community Builder Fields

Create two fields for the profile (isSeller and isBidder) as checkboxes and make them read-only for the user.

Go to ACL tab in "General settings" (Auctions): 
  • press SAVE

Next go to Components/Auction/CB Integration and choose the corresponding fields for:

  • CB Field defining a Seller:
  • CB Field defining a Bidder:
Then you can edit the users according to your needs (users that have isSeller checked can post auctions and users that have isBidder checked can bid.)
3. Profile Driven ACL provided native by Auctions Factory (if you do not use CB).

Go to ACL tab in "General settings" (Auctions):

  • press SAVE
Then go to Components/Auctions/Users. Here you can click then the corresponding icons for sellers and buyers and toggle them on/off.

Revised "Auction Factory" version 1.4.0.