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1. What the heck is RSS?

RSS is an acronym for “Really Simple Syndication”. RSS is used to provide items containing short descriptions of web content together with a link to the full version of the content.

RSS are mostly "nesflashes" containing the lead paragraph and the link to the rest of the content. There can also be other kind of links and embedded images (so do not freak out if an image pops up in the feed Wink ).

2. Why use RSSReader?

Mostly its because it provides free content and rapid changing content. Yes, that's what the good old Searchengines always liked: change and content.

It's also pretty useful for your readers too. Of course avoid placing feeds regarding a Iraqui news right next to your computer programming article. It makes little sense ...  

3. Where do I find a RSS feed?

They are allot of feeds available. Google for it, get rss from Yahoo...

There is a great site where you can find feeds  

4. HELP! My feeds do not display!!

Please check the following

A. Feeds have to be published !!
B. Check the "last refresh time" in the feed list - if it's empty, then do refresh the feedlist.
C. Set the configuration option "Show first the category list so the user can narrow it down" to NO.
D. Do the sample feeds work?

5. Why do I need to refresh?

Because you want the feeds to be up to date Laughing. Oh .. really now: the thing is that there are feeds that would slow down your site if the update would happen upon Pageload. 

Maybe in a future version we will add a option to update live for those brave out there...

6. The module looks weird!

Whoops.. there is not much we can do. Check your CSS and make it look better. We cannot know how your CSS looks and we really cannot help every one with a template problem.

If it is a module problem.. then go to the forum and let us know! 

7.  Cannot add new categories!!!

In category Manager you cannot "create" new categories. The categories are created automatically just by adding a feed with that new category.

To create a new one, go to the feed, edit and write the name of the new category on the field just left the category name and save.
The new category its created!

8. Add to your PHP.ini:

short_open_tag = On

9. Cant refresh feeds!

There is a security restriction regarding ajax. For instance if your site is in
configuraton "" and you access administrator
through "" the ajax won't work since it would look
like it originate from a wrong site. ry to login exactly to the site as it is in config.

This Tutorial is compliant with rss Factory 1.0.x.