Auction Factory supports all common auction types including also Proxy Bidding. Auctions are supporting the usual Bids and BuyItNow features. Also they can be set as Private (bids are hidden to the public) or Public (bids are showed to the public). Among other options there is also the possibility to set up a auction as Automatic (winner will be automatically choosen) or Manual (the offertant will have to choose a winner).

The interface is very user friendly and you can track easily auctions and bids. In the backend panel, various administration features have been provided in order that the site admin can easily maintain control of the site and survey the auctions and bids. As payment methods PayPal and Moneebookers can be used or due to API webmasters can configure their own payment gateway. Read more...

auction Factory 2.1.2 released on February 9, 2011.  

  • New Payment Gateways: Sage Payments, Sage Pay, Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer).
  • Fixed issues regarding category SEF (harcoded jos_ ,lighter compare of cat name), administrator link to settings after install, custom fields administration (category pane toggle, category pane hidden when no categories. categories assigned displayed in listing in tooltip), administrator empty shipping submission validation, frontend unlogged calendar not showing on Search page, packages missing image in buy package page, searchable custom fields, parse application.ini when "parse_ini_file" function is disabled, using JFile/JFolder wrappers instead of PHP native functions for file operations, min. increase intervals misbehavior, CB settings warnings, etc.

auction Factory 2.1.0 released on January 14, 2011.    

  • New feature:  Joomla User registering (profile filling, not logged fill profile, joomla registering fields, system plugin redirects to auction profile creation).
  • New feature: ordering criteria by highest bid in front auctions list.
  • Optimization: when guest messaging disabled hide Ask Question Button.
  • Fixed issues regarding buyers premium, search auctioneers, Router Itemid set as list auctions ' task menu item if task not found in menu items, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.9 released on December 14, 2010.   

  • Optimization: core sendMails method if no "Mail From" setting defined in global configuration, a super administrator will be notified instead.
  • Optimization: core sendMails method  Juri::root() replaced with Juri::base().
  • Optimization on loading custom fields.
  • Fixed issues regarding: Backup/Restore, Guest Messages not visible for logged users, Price Contact, BIN with multiple items, JS (sales only 1 item no matter of choice), Auctions module with Joomfish, save Recaptcha settings, Price Commission Power Seller and accept suggestions, display suggestions tab to auctioneer to accept suggestion, winning list in template, required image not "required" while editing, saving user profile, missing ItemId for price purchasing links, template (t_bid_list on accept !$auction->close_offer replaced with ($auction->close_offer !=1 || !$auction->winner_id)), some missing language definitions, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.8 released on December 10, 2010.  

  • Optimization: start date validation on submission.
  • Optimization: JS DOM on backend.
  • Fixed several issues including BID and BIN doubling quantity, display auctions start in future, export XLS, backend Shipping Area removal, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.7 released on December 6, 2010. 

  • Fixed several issues including default language detection, commission for BIN, Tags of more then 1 word, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.6 released on December 3, 2010.

  • New feature: Time Archiving mode Days/Month.
  • Optimisation: Image Resize (CB GD bundled 2.0.28).
  • Fixed several issues including category order, ratings on listing page, install CB plugins, payparameter, Tags task in ACL, cbimport ("database.tables") in cb user profile, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.5 released on November 29, 2010.

  • Fixed several issues including template watchlist thumbnail image, missing min. increase as setting on import CSV, automatic auction and BIN,edit profile, menu links, saving max. nr. of tags, Paypal button on closed auction, image saving, tickbox gallery, several IE behaviour issues, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.4 released on November 26, 2010.

  • Fixed several issues including search auctioneers, MySQL query error, thefactory ini paymentparam, SEF on categories update, messages on bulk import, custom fields, select boxes null select option for compulsory select boxes, closing BIN only auctions, category filter RSS, unpublished filter on backend, template disabled automatic setting, terms&conditions for BIN, BIN only and bid band, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.3 released on November 23, 2010. 

  • New feature: clear all categories (remove all categories and SEF table). 
  • New feature: Cancel button on edit page to return back to edit. 
  • Fixed several issues including require image setting, profiler, gallery plugin, price bid settings, CB integration and tabs, SEF on Edit and Cancel, price listing GUI, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.2 released on November 19, 2010.

  • Fixed several issues including Country anager, backend warning: missing APP_INTEGRATION_BIDS, posting Bin Only Auctions JS Errors in IE8, missing SemiColon at confirm in auction page JS, CSS in IE8, missing ACL Tasks Grid (Detailed View pulic), ACL Missing task/view (after winning auction, redirect to forbiden page), IE8 Rating JS Error, old Capcha Call in Clasic Theme, legacy Mospathname on import, save Settings losses selected Gallery Plugin and resets to YUI, Bid Band with min. increase, not Found method install_menu in backend, Bulk Import, selecting CB, redirect on Price Listing Plugin, Payment Parameter display when CB, savin on requiring image, bid with payment items, etc.

auction Factory 2.0.1 released on November 16, 2010.

  • New Classic theme available.
  • Menu Help for backend Joomla's menu interface.
  • Improved user profile registration form instead of profile page when no profile was found.
  • Fixed issues regarding price commissions, Tags task, report pagination, default view, tab Auction Page jcarousel IE, saving on pricing plugins, PHP4, etc.