RSS Factory PRO is a professional RSS Aggregator and RSS Reader for your Joomla Website. It brings different view styles that will enhance your website look and feel, category browsing to create that SEO edge you might need, different story display (no need to get your visitors off from your website), IMPORT to CONTENT, including the new and complex feature of FULL Story import from the Source website and many more...  

rss Factory PRO 1.8.0 released on November 8, 2010.

  • New feature: FTP protocol added for retrieving RSS XMLs (each source can be configured with it's own FTP details - host, user, pass and file path).
  • Improvement: when using I2C Full Article, the images with relative URL paths are saved with their complete URL path, so they will be also visible on the site.
  • Fixed several issues regarding I2C on full article.