Classified Web Ads System for Joomla. 

Ads Factory has extensive user support offering HTML description for the ads and a user extended profile. The content display is fully configurable through a template, since the component uses a template engine. This make the adjustment to the site template very easy offering full freedom - Tutorial. To this, two listing methods are offered: list and grid view mode including a expiry countdown. Read more...

Ads Factory 1.7.0 released on October 27, 2010.

  • New feature: new field types (calendar, date time).
  • New feature: Payment Gateway Plugins Backend Interface.
  • New feature: Packages (membership packages allowing certain promotions).
  • New feature: separate prices for pre-configured periods.
  • New feature: Payment bulk pricing buying task.
  • New feature: Themes Backend Interface.
  • New feature: Gallery Plugins Backend Interface.
  • New feature: New Gallery Plugins (MooTabs, Simple Gallery, Simple Carousel).
  • Optimization: Categories List is_new flag for categories if ads published in latest 30 days.
  • Optimization: Pricing Listing Backend Interface.
  • Optimization: Custom Fields Validation and Positions.
  • Optimization: Custom Fields assigned on category (AJAX compulsory state toggler).
  • Optimization: YUI Gallery 2.8.1 Update.
  • Optimization: Menu architecture, User Area Improvements, etc.
  • Fixed several issues including Custom Fields assigned on category (compulsory server side validation), Statistcs Page Pagination Issue), Country filtering issues when CB installed and not chosen as profiler, router (when two subcategories are having the same name), requiered profile disabled listing issue, install XMAP plugins, etc.