Social Factory

Version 3.7.1

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Social Factory is our Joomla! solution for a modern and dynamic social networking website.

Following the same design patterns as our top of the line extension - Love Factory - it offers a state of the art admin interface backed up by solid code and modern templates.

Social Factory Custom Fields

Custom Fields

  • Unlimited custom fields that can be created and published in any page
  • Multiple field types (Checkboxes, Multipleselect, Textarea, Radio buttons, etc.)
  • Fields can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system
  • Each custom field can be set as searchable, rendering it available in advanced search
  • Option to set fields as compulsory
  • Visibility restrictions for each field
Social Factory Layout & Themes

Layout & Themes

  • Fully customizable template system
  • Configure with a few simple clicks every section, page, field, instance or add-on
  • Zones can be arranged with a user friendly drag and drop system
  • Default responsive template
  • Fully customizable CSS
Social Factory Monetize


  • Paid memberships which limit or grant access to users
Social Factory Key Features

Key Features

  • Friends and Top Friends lists
  • Wall page containing friends action updates
  • Photo galleries with albums created by users
  • Video galleries
  • Ignore list for offending users
  • Messaging system (users can create, send and receive personal messages)
  • Interactions
  • Awards system (users can get medals for specific actions)
  • Users can create events which others can sign up for
  • Users can create groups
  • Categories for groups
  • Invitation system for groups and events
  • Admin definable currency
  • Approval system for various actions
  • Users can report comments, photos, videos, events and profiles
  • "Like" buttons
  • Google Maps localization
  • Facebook registration and login
  • Info bar (shows on all Social Factory pages and displays notifications)
  • Invoices
Social Factory Standards


  • Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
  • SEO/SEF friendly
  • Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
  • Easy transition to RTL by editing the product templates
  • Simple installation, configuration and updating process
Social Factory User Profile

User Profile

  • Configurable account details (basic details, location, education, contact, etc.)
  • Displays events and groups of every user
  • Set profile privacy (Public, Just Friends, Offline)
  • Show/Hide specific fields
  • Personalized fields
Social Factory Main Settings

Main Settings

  • Date & Time format
  • Choose between Joomla!'s or Social Factory's registration form
  • Set the redirect page upon logging in
  • Set used currency
  • Enable/disable medal awards system
  • Enable and set up Info bar
  • Enable the approvals for various actions (comments, events, photos, etc.)
  • Manage permission settings
  • Enable and set up Google Maps
  • Enable and set up Facebook registration
  • Enable/disable notifications
  • Enable/disable Cron Jobs
  • Manage backend submenu using a friendly drag and drop system
  • Enable/disable Google CDN jQuery libraries
Social Factory Search


  • Members search by gender, age and online status
  • Radius search for events and members with the use of Google Maps
  • Searchable custom fields
Social Factory Payments Gateways

Payments Gateways

  • Several Payment Gateways supported for payments towards the site: Paypal, Moneybookers/Skrill, iDealing, Google Checkout, Sagepay, Authorize.Net, Bank-transfers
Social Factory Modules & Plugins

Modules & Plugins

  • Modules that display members based on various criteria: latest, random, online, latest viewed profiles, latest profile visitors (multiple instances module)
  • Facebook connect module
  • User and system plugins
Social Factory 3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

  • Google Maps
  • Facebook registration and login
  • Blog Factory
  • Embedded video integration
Social Factory Notifications


  • 7 types of email notifications for specific actions made by users
  • Customizable email templates
Social Factory Backend Management

Backend Management

  • Actions: manage membership plans, deal with reports, send notifications, etc.
  • Backup and restore Social Factory database and settings (can also include Joomla! users)
  • Import data from Jomsocial (fields, user profiles, blocklist, messages, photos, photo comments, Youtube videos only, video comments, groups, friends)
  • User management
  • Manage approvals
  • Payments management
  • Dashboard containing several statistics and information
Social Factory Requirements


  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP (min. 5.3.0)
  • MySQL (min. 5.1 + )
  • CRON (a general CRON Tutorial is available in our documentation section)
  • cURL, GD2 libraries enabled


Social Factory 3.7.1 released on April 14, 2015.

  • Fixed issues regarding interaction button, addons on photos gallery, accessing non-existing profiles, handle case when photo field for events addon is not set.

Social Factory 3.7.0 released on November 12, 2014.

  • New feature: product template is now responsive.
  • Optimisation: added help buttons on component backend.
  • Fixed issues regarding payment notification, updated infobar buttons tooltip position based on the info bar location.

Social Factory 3.6.1 released on October 9, 2014.

  • New feature: added membership restriction on number of total photos a user can upload.
  • New feature: Post new Blog Factory posts on user's wall. Requires Blog Factory version 4.1.1 or newer!
  • Fixed several issues including fixed Blog Factory integration membership restriction, controller addon permission check, backend user current membership restrictions display, user plugin, display backend field setup params.

Social Factory 3.6.0 released on September 25, 2014.

  • Removed deprecated classes and methods.
  • Added new branding.
  • Fixed several small issues.

Social Factory 3.5.2 released on March 11, 2014.

  • Added Full Name field.
  • Added default field setup for module on installation.
  • Added duplicate feature for backend fields setups list.
  • Updated Imports view to show more information.
  • Updated Online field to show last activity timestamp.
  • Updated error message when accessing gallery for non-existing user.
  • Updated backend page titles.
  • Fixed several issues including backend General Settings / System Information tab, Sync. backend component menu with sidebar on settings save, award rule edit page, post comment textarea height on Beez template, Beez template column display, birth date field when date was not set, installing addons, etc.

Social Factory 3.5.1 released on October 23, 2013.

  • New feature: Import data from Jomsocial (fields, user profiles, blocklist, messages, photos, photo comments, videos (YouTube only), video comments, groups, friends).

Social Factory 3.5.0 released on October 9, 2013.

  • New feature: implemented Awards and Medals (new field type: medals; awards modules: latest awards, top awards; new notification when user receives a new medal).
  • New feature: implemented public pages.

Social Factory 3.0.1 released on August 20, 2013.

  • New feature: Blog Factory integration.

Social Factory 3.0.0 released on July 8, 2013.

  • Support for Joomla 3.0.x.

Social Factory 2.0.2 released on April 23, 2013.

  • New feature: Online members module.
  • Fixed several issues including photos gallery addon (upload files using the flash uploader issue), changing membership from backend, added missing language strings.

Social Factory 2.0.1 released on April 2, 2013.

  • New features: implemented template overrides for addons.
  • Fixed issue regarding payment gateways page title on backend, fields marked as "Lock after save" being locked on the search form, displaying comments on profile page.

Social Factory 2.0.0 released on February 1, 2013. 

  • Improved layout on frontend.
  • New updates feature: starting with versions above 2.0.0 all updates will be made using the Joomla component update system (simply install over the previous version the new releases).  

Social Factory 1.7.1 released on January 14, 2013.    

  • New feature: added possibility for users to delete own created events.

Social Factory 1.7.0 released on October 17, 2012.     

  • Improved layout on backend. 
  • Fixed issue regarding saving user profiles from the backend, removing user from registered event, sending notifications, double page title on the compose message page.

Social Factory 1.6.1 released on August 22, 2012.    

  • New feature: added option for text fields type to return all results or no results when searching for an empty string.
  • Fixed issues regarding backend settings for Google Maps (when Integration tab was not starting tab), text field when locked for editing on the search page.

Social Factory 1.6.0 released on August 20, 2012.   

  • New feature: Group (new field type; users will be automatically added to the Joomla Groups they select).
  • New feature: possibility to filter Groups by the new field type Group.
  • New feature: Google Maps location for events.
  • New feature: Google Maps radius search for events.
  • New feature: like button on events.
  • New feature: views counter for events.
  • New feature: implemented invitations addon (groups and events addons can now send invitations).
  • New feature: Addon settings (number of characters to strip video title, video div height).
  • Fixed several small issues.

Social Factory 1.5.2 released on July 26, 2012.  

  • Improved add embedded video.
  • Fixed several issues including missing tooltips for statusbar and photo gallery, default album, search, friend/ignore list, comments, events, private group, send message, measurement units on Google maps, field setup on backend, Facebook integration settings page, searchable fields not updating properly when saving user profile, etc.

Social Factory 1.5.1 released on July 20, 2012. 

  • Fixed several issues including like on post, Google maps radius search, Google maps API key, etc.

Social Factory 1.5.0 released on June 5, 2012.

  • New feature: Approval System (enable/disable from settings) for: profile updates, photos, videos, comments (profile, videos, photos), groups, messages, group posts.

Social Factory 1.0.0 released on May 24, 2012.

Screenshots are representing version 3.0.0 of Social Factory.

Take a moment to check out the product demo-server under:

For testing purposes we provide the demo-server, where testers can access the frontend but also the backend area. 

Usually most of the important features are available on the demo-server, less some particular features including the payment plugins (if the extension in case has these features) which are disabled. Note please that for extensions supporting Smarty templates the display is fully customizable through own product templates, else the display remains still flexible and offers the possibility to be matched with the site template through CSS.

Please note that the demo-server is reseted hourly, meaning that the initial values will be set and any change made during testing will be erased.

Since we offer our extensions without encryption in order to offer maximum flexibility for each webmaster, we cannot offer any trial versions. Without encryption each webmaster can modify our code in order to suit his own further requirements and by respecting our Terms&Conditions.

For a better product insight we recommend to check the product documentation available under:

Simply decide on your own after checking the extension demo and documentation. 

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