Events Factory

Version 1.0.3

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Events Factory is the best Joomla! solution for scheduling events and online ticketing.

The extension gives organizers freedom to create, manage and promote any type of event independently, by adding all the desired details (like event title, description, image, date, fees, etc.). Also, events can be managed by another person which has access to certain sections of the event. Once an event is published, the interested site users are allowed to register for it (for free or by paying a participation fee).

Auction Factory Custom Fields

Custom Fields

  • Text and List Fields available for the registration page
  • Option to set fields as compulsory
Auction Factory Layout & Themes

Layout & Themes

  • Fully customizable template system
  • Fully customizable CSS
  • Configure with a few simple clicks every section, page, field
  • Smarty based template
  • Default responsive template
Auction Factory Monetize


  • Payment items: pay per event
  • Option to apply a discount, a package, earlybird
  • Different category pricing for event
Auction Factory Key Features

Key Features

  • Used for organizing, promoting and booking events
  • Organizers can create as many events as they are allowed to
  • Recurring Events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Re-schedule an event
  • Set the fees and the number of tickets/participants
  • Message system (between organizers and participants)
  • Comment system (event organizer can delete any comment on his page)
  • Events map (Google Maps localization)
  • Events calendar
  • Option to set a Main event on the site
  • Send invitations
  • Send a request to manage an event
  • See participants and staff
  • Publish/Cancel events
  • Start date/ end date, publish date, Registration start date/ Registration end date for events
  • Add optional text to the Registration form
  • "Like" buttons
  • Sort events by title, date, number of likes
Auction Factory Standards


  • Multi-language support, UTF-8 support, comes default with English INI language files
  • SEO/SEF friendly
  • Default integration with Joomla! user profile, allowing a single login for Joomla! and component
  • Easy transition to RTL by editing the product templates 
  • Simple installation, configuration and updating process
Auction Factory User Profile

User Profile 

  • Configurable account details (name, e-mail, location, profile image, etc.)
  • Managed and booked events sections
Auction Factory Categories


  • Unlimited categories and subcategories levels for events
  • Give access only to a specific group
Auction Factory Main Settings

Main Settings

  • Set distance unit
  • Set currency
  • Choose to approve events for publishing
  • Enable/ disable recurring events (set the limit number of recurring events)
  • Enable/ disable daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly events
  • Set the maximum number of events per organizer groups
  • Enable/ disable Cron Jobs
Auction Factory Search


  • Radius search for events with the use of Google Maps (or listed)
  • Search by closed or upcoming events (past events, next 3 days, this week,..)
  • Search by free/ paid events
  • Search by liked events
Auction Factory Payments Gateways

Payments Gateways

  • Several Payment Gateways supported for payments towards the site: Paypal, Moneybookers/Skrill, Bank-transfers.
Auction Factory Modules & Plugins

Modules & Plugins

  • Filter/Search module (filter by distances, upcoming events, fees, likes)
  • Next event module - displays the next event and you can also see the previous and upcoming events
  • Mini-calendar module - the events dates are marked in the calendar
  • User and system plugins
Auction Factory 3rd Party Integrations

3rd Party Integrations

  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
Auction Factory Notifications


  • 8 different types of email notifications for specific actions
  • Customizable email templates
Auction Factory Backend Management

Backend Management

  • Dashboard (Latest Payments, Latest Orders, Latest Events, Latest Unresolved Reports)
  • Actions: create new events, edit existing events
  • Deal with reports
  • Export Events, Participants (CSV format)
  • Orders and Payments management
  • Ratings
  • Organizers list
Auction Factory Requirements


  • Joomla! 3.x
  • PHP (min. 5.3.0)
  • MySQL (min. 5.1 + )
  • CRON (a general CRON Tutorial is available in our documentation section)
  • cURL, GD2 libraries enabled

Events Factory 1.0.3 released on April 26, 2017.

  • Compatibility to Joomla! 3.7

Events Factory 1.0.2 released on February 28, 2017.

  • Implemented online update system.

Events Factory 1.0.1 released on January 19, 2017.

  • Optimization: insert default category on extension installation.
  • Fixed several small issues and optimizations.

Events Factory 1.0.0 released on October 13, 2016.

Screenshots are representing version 1.0.0 of Events Factory.

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