Custom Programming Services & Solutions

Custom Programming Services & Solutions

Price:10.00 €

(*) currency conversions from EUR are an approximation and might slightly differ, depending on the daily rates of the chosen payment method

For any Programming Services, Customizations, Solutions, WebSites, and Domains, you can make the payment directly here,
after receiving a project quote from us, "thePHPfactory" part of SKEPSIS Consult SRL.

On this page - please fill in the Quantity, to match the project quote!

Example: if you have to pay 350 €,  then enter Quantity 35.
(Total Amount to Pay) 350 € = (Initial Unit) 10 € x (Quantity) 35.

On the Checkout page - please fill in the Ticket number where the project was discussed and the quote was issued.

Example: enter "99030" or "99030 for 15336", meaning: Custom Work according to Ticket 99030 for Product License 15336.
(Enter the second number only you have an existing license for the product you want to customize; does not apply for 3rd party products).

After the payment was made, we will start working on the project as established when the quote was issued.
Please follow further the initial ticket were the project quote was issued (under User Menu/"My Tickets").

We are always cautious when developing code and strictly following the existing security standards, structures and guidelines,
so that we can provide a safe code and fully optimized to use minimal resources.

Thank you for the confidence in our services!
thePHPfactory Team

      Small overview of the usual custom project steps:
            1. sending Quote Request under Get a Free Quote
            2. establishing all needed Details and Workflow
            3. Quote issued => Quote acceptance => Payment made (this step here)
            4. working on Project and sending to Client
            5. receiving Feedback and if the case solving it
            6. final Feedback and Project closure.

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