Out of 2800 received testimonials from our over 130.000 customers all over the world, within the last 3 years, we have managed to gather here a couple of the notable ones; our task was far from being simple, as we have learned that our services not only improve people's businesses, but also play a key role for each of their price-performance ratio per project.
Thank you everyone for sharing with us your story and experiences! This represents our greatest reward!

"Love Factory is a beautiful component for dating platforms. I have created a local online cafe, where members can hang out and play games while browsing other members to socialize with. I am beginner in PHP so I spend lot of time on tickets for customizations, but Alex gives me the best answers." - Jean-Luc, 32 years old, Marseille, FR.

"I had a plan with some of my neighbours to set up an online auction house where we could sell old stuff (mostly vintage furniture and decorations) and make donations to our community animal shelter and found Auction Factory. I never believed we could be so popular in our community. Great support!" - Simon Thiery, 40 years old.

"My husband and I are running a small recruitment agency for students who fancy taking on summer jobs, so we decided to purchase Jobs Factory for our online presence.  Through the product forum, we've learned a lot about SEO and template configuration from Adrian, our favourite PHPfactory representative. We could even afford a small trip to Greece last year ha ha." - Molly Blunt, 36 years old, London, GB.

"I am studying for my Major in Web Design and I am currently working on futuristic car concepts in AutoCAD. I have created an intranet for my colleagues with Hot Or Not Factory to compare and review each other's work and so far, we are pleased with the progress we have made." - Muneer, 26 years old, New Delhi, IN.

"Sometimes, we see things on the street that make us sad: an old lady struggling with her heavy grocery bags or an elderly man who is trying to maintain his balance after his cane accidentally broke. For these people, I have created a small freelancing website with Reverse Auction Factory, where selfless young men and women can take on symbolically paid part-time jobs to help the elderly or physically impaired members of our community. We've been online for three years and now others kind-hearted people have followed our example!" - Andreas Vogel, 28 years old, Koln, DE.

"I ran away from home and dropped school when I was 15 to become a tattoo artist. I was always fascinated by the various techniques, color combos and reasons why people choose to get themselves inked. The first 5 years were a nightmare, money was low, but now I have two amazing friends with whom I opened our own shop. We even have a Facebook-ish site going on, for people who want to get new stuff done, cover up old stuff or simply hang around for a cup of tea. thePHPfactory provided us with the Social Factory extension and I have to admit - it almost makes me want to become a tech nerd :D. Thanks a million, Alex!" - Janet Bell, 32 years old, Austin, TX.

"After I lost my job, 2 years ago, I decided to invest part of the money I had left in managing a classified web ads site. I heard that with the right strategy and marketing plans, you can develop a small business based, if you're smart enough :). I chose Ads Factory from thePHPfactory, after discussing with Mr. Folberth about my plan and today I can support my family financially without leaving my living room." - Phill Watkins, 36 years old, Melbourne, AU.

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