Auction Factory supports all common auction types including also Proxy Bidding. Auctions are supporting the usual Bids and BuyItNow features. Also they can be set as Private (bids are hidden to the public) or Public (bids are showed to the public). Among other options there is also the possibility to set up a auction as Automatic (winner will be automatically choosen) or Manual (the offertant will have to choose a winner).

The interface is very user friendly and you can track easily auctions and bids. In the backend panel, various administration features have been provided in order that the site admin can easily maintain control of the site and survey the auctions and bids. As payment methods PayPal and Moneebookers can be used or due to API webmasters can configure their own payment gateway. Read more...

auction Factory 1.7.2 released on June 11, 2010.  

  • New feature: Component Time offset.
  • New module: States and Cities tree (works only with the component users profile; no CB support; needs 'States' as custom field; set in the module parameters tab the name of the state custom field).

auction Factory 1.7.1 released on June 9, 2010. 

  • Fixed several issues including JS (countdown and rating) under Joomla 1.0.x., end date when "Allow Users to specify Auction End Date" disabled, end date displayed without time if Time format "H:i:A" selected, CSV bulk import not adding images, price contact plugin when unlogged.