In theory, websites should be like humans: unique, both visually and content wise. Practice shows us that it is quite hard to achieve the ultimate level of 'uniqueness' when niche areas are more and more narrow and popular domains of activity are extremely competitive. Developing a Joomla Auction Website is a fun and lucrative activity, but as for any Joomla Website - there is always the question "What Template should I use"

The online auction scene hosts thousands of websites, some extremely popular, others relying on a more local exposure. We have selected a few of the most popular ones to talk about their style, layout and overall vibes, and propose a Template that would match that style. Here is what we found:

Managing a website takes commitment and gallons of coffee. Unexpected bumps in the road may occur at any given moment. An auction site is typically a busy site, but before putting it out into the world, a well prepared webmaster needs to undergo a few essential steps.

How to create an Auction Website

We have gone over the preliminary steps to creating an auction website using Joomla!, however there is still some valuable ground to cover before things start moving in the right direction, financially speaking.
Most webmasters are familiar with the concept of visual identity; it's what makes a site stand out and be remembered even after the experience is over. Nobody can say exactly what is the recipe for that, as it very much depends on the targeted visitors and the level of competition.

Auctions have been a part of our cultural heritage for centuries. It is not certain, within the chronological timeline of human evolution where they all began, but documents that attest to the occurrence of auctions go back to as far as 500 B.C., in ancient Greece. Common items to be sold in those times were wives (the more beautiful the woman, the higher price on a bid), furniture pieces, land for crops, farms, etc.

Thankfully, today's society evolved in a matter in which it is no longer necessary (quite the contrary!) to bid for a life partner. The internet is now a flourishing market place for people all over the world to purchase, trade, pawn countless items from countless categories. The first milestone of online auctions was touched back in 1995 with the website Onsale (shut down on July 2nd, 2014), when people started feeling the results of their online trading in their wallets. Even though indexing, search engines and automated scripts were still fresh concepts to most users, the trend quickly picked up and a few months after Onsale's debut, eBay began its ascension. In 2015, it's technically considered a sin to never have heard of eBay...

Seo and Joomla

Exposure is everything on the Internet. Users often go no further than 3 result pages to find the information they're looking for, therefore the first results on the list are the most relevant ones. To achieve a meaningful level of visibility, many SEO techniques have been developed over the past couple of years. From 3rd party extensions to online services and consultancy, the solutions vary according to the website's nature and dynamic, but also to the webmaster's level of experience. 

SEO for Joomla! is not difficult, but it is not a one-time task. Once a website is live, optimizing it turns into a permanent bulletpoint on the 'To Do' list, so we encourage all of our customers and readers to confidently apply the following steps for great rankings: